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Congratulations to Winnie Cain, who was awarded the National Humanitarian Award at the American Massage Therapy Association's National Convention in Nashville for her contribution to the Akha Women's Foundation!

The Akha Women’s Foundation is a non-profit 501(c3) designated charitable organization founded to empower the Akha women of Thailand by providing them with vocational and primary health care programs. The Foundation provided funds to build a hostel where 25 Akha girls live while attending high school. We are now working to raise money to build a clinic where the Akha women can learn skills to support their families, and where the traditions of Thai/Akha massage and herbal medicine will be taught.


Please read:

Dear Winnie

What I'm gonna talking about now on is a real story. You know where the Akha tribe come from?_they are migrated from Chana, Laos,Tibet and Burma , and today most of Akha that migrated from China and Tibet are struck in Burma, where most of Akha population are living in, also my wife forefather had been migrated from China over a hundred years ago. I think you have heard from the news about Burma right now, lots of human right violation and atrocity are all over the country,the monk the commoner the old  and  the children are undergoing the suffering that done by a Burmese Junta. But , the worst is, the hilltribe girls that living in a the area between the Thai & Burma border they are  raped by the Burmese army daily, these people they are brutal  raping, killing and plunder are normal for them. Most of the hill tribe girls that under the suffering  is AKHA lady, and they want to come into Thailand as to escape from the untolerate situation, but  don't know where to settle in _they are desperate. So my initiation is to set up something like an hostel that you've talked about, some where in the suburb of Chiangrai as to be an asylum for these desperate Akha lady (And I think, this will less complicate and cost lesser than setting up a business for them  which expect just for a long range out come)  So what is your idea ? 

Name withheld for safety reasons.


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The Akha Women’s Foundation
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