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Thai Massage Students Homeland Tour 2006

Thailand Trip

“Even though I am not a massage therapist, I chose to go on the trip to Thailand and be totally involved with learning Thai massage, and in all the activities, which were varied and interesting. We saw so many beautiful sights and experienced the culture. It was really well planned and just a very exciting experience that I will never forget. I would encourage anyone to go!!! ”
Margie Kleinman

“It has been a joy for me to witness the establishing of the Akha Women’s Foundation.

Having traveled with Winnie Cain to Thailand on three occasions throughout the past seven years, I have seen the growth of this project with each trip. Winnie Cain’s committment, steadfastness, and faithfulness to the Akha women have been the ingredients that has produced the success of her vision.

The lives of these Akha women have been touched with hope for education, opportunities, and a brighter future. This not only improves the quality of life for the women, but also for their families and villages. My life has also been influenced in a wonderful way through Winnie Cain.

As my mentor, Winnie has not only trained me in the skill of Traditional Thai Medical Massage, but has also taught me how to reach out to make a difference in another part of the world. In remembering my first trip to the Akha Village with Winnie in February 2000, I was so excited to be on a humanitarian endeavor. Your heart is excited because you think, “We’re going to help these people!” Yet, in the end, the Akha are the ones that have taught me. They’re the ones who have helped me gain a perspective in my life. I left there thinking, “These people are the ones who have done something for me.” This all has truly been a life-changing experience. It’s amazing how one woman’s passion can change so many lives.”

– Linda Lowman Toomey

“I would like to say that my time in Thailand was an exceptional experience.

I learned so much more than Thai massage. It was inspiring to see how much you care for the Akha people. You not only patiently taught some of the women Thai massage, but you also distributed blankets and bibs (that were either donated or made by you) to them for their children. The Akha women are wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion experience of living in their village and learning alongside them. At times the language barrier seemed nonexistent . . . smiles and caring are the same in all languages. I still remember how emotional everyone was when it was time to leave, with tears flowing on both sides as the ladies presented each of us with a necklace and wristband. Apparently this is an Akha tradition that symbolizes friendship, good luck, and a wish that we return. This gesture was extremely touching. We all hugged one another and I truly care for each of these special ladies. They are amazing! They are also determined and proud of their accomplishment. This was obvious when they received their certificates.

With your assistance, the Akha Spa will be a success I also enjoyed the opportunity we had to see some of the sights in Chang Rai, Chang Mai and the Golden Triangle, including the magnificent temples, the night markets and the wonderful scenery. The spicy Thai food was also a special treat. Since my return, I’m a frequent diner at my local Thai Restaurant. ”  Thanks Winnie, for everything. I’ll talk to you soon.”