The Akha Women’s Foundation is a non-profit 501(c3) designated charitable organization founded to empower the Akha women of Thailand by providing them with vocational and primary health care programs. The Foundation provided funds to build a hostel where 25 Akha girls lived while attending high school. If not for the hostel, many would be unable to attend school.

The foundation now supports two Akha girls yearly from the Ayui Foundation in Chiang Rai. You can also support girls or boys so they can attend School.  For volunteer opportunities at the Ayui Foundation contact Sue at: ayui.foundation@gmail.com

AWF also refers inquiries to various foundations in Thailand for volunteer opportunities.

There are 10 Hill tribe Village Schools in northern Thailand that have requested ESL teacher volunteers. Contact AWF for more information.

The Akha Women’s Foundation helps preserve the unique traditions and knowledge of the Akha women of Thailand by contributing to their health and education, and by providing opportunities for others to share in that knowledge.

The Work of the Foundation

The Akha Women’s Foundation provides an opportunity for the young women of the villages to be trained in the techniques of traditional Thai massage. It also recruits volunteers to teach English and provide vocational training, such as sewing machine operation and health care, that helps the women support their families.

The Foundation has supported the Akha projects through donations and fund-raising tours. Winnie Cain personally led tours to visit the Akha villages, receive training in Thai massage and healing, while experiencing the wonderful culture and lush landscapes of Thailand.

Please consider contributing today to the preservation of this wonderful culture through your tax-deductible donation and the gift of your talents. Help plant the seeds of hope, and grow a better world.

Vision Statement:

To create an environment that will enable Akha Women and girls to improve their lives, and therefore the lives of their families and their communities.

Mission Statement:

To raise funds and sponsor projects that will finance efforts to save Akha women and girls from exploitation and poverty by making higher education, vocational training, and better work opportunities a possibility for them.


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