People in Danger

About The Akha People

The Akha People (also referred to as Hani/Akha People), are an estimated 2.5 million persons living in Yunnan province in Southwest China, the northern parts of Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, and eastern Burma. They live in a central part of what is currently called the 'Mekong Quadrangle', an area of about 500 by 600 km or 30,000 sq. km, somewhat the size of the European Alps. The Akhas are concentrated in an area that is crossed by several major rivers: the Mekong, the Red and Black Rivers, and the Salween, and their many tributaries which cut steep valleys.


The Work of the Foundation

About The Akha Women´s Foundation

The Akha Women´s Foundation is a non-profit 501(c3) designated charitable organization founded to empower the Akha women of Thailand by providing them with vocational and primary health care programs.

The Foundation provided funds to build a hostel where 25 Akha girls live while attending high school.
If not for the hostel, many would be unable to attend school.


Volunteer Opportunities

English as a Second Language Volunteer Opportunity

It is important for the Akha children to learn English in their hill tribe schools. It will increase their job opportunities even if they don’t go past the ninth grade. Volunteers that would like to teach English in the Akha villages. Please contact AWF for more information.

English Teaching Volunteers Needed!

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